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White Collar Boxing International is a China Sports Promotions venture. CSP is the largest organizer of white collar boxing training and events in China.

Our team focuses on quality, creativity and perfection in execution. Through our community of gyms, corporate partners, and most importantly people, we are able to produce the most high-impact and well-executed events in the region.

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What We Fight For

We make it our mission to give back to the community and fight for those who can’t fight for themselves by making charity an integral part of our training and events. Through auction raffles, and a variety of community events we donate both time and money and make sure that 100% of total funds raised is donated directly to carefully selected and transparent organizations.

Over the years we have worked with the Special Olympics, Leo’s Foundation, Half The Sky Foundation and the XinXing Charity. Since 2017 we have been the proud partner of More Than Aware, an organization dedicated to breast cancer awareness and combating it though healthy living. We have collectively raised a total of 2.7 million RMB to date and look forward to growing that number in the future.

万众瞩目的外滩争砚今年6月再次回归!The long-awaited Brawl on the Bund is back this June!


Brawl on the Bund , Saturday June 9th 2018

上海外滩茂悦大酒店 中国上海黄浦路199号 Hyatt on the Bund No.199 Huangpu Road, Shanghai

时间飞逝,不知不觉,白领拳击已经进入第10年了,回望过去的十年,我们通过举办高标准的晚宴活动,让前来参加晚宴的宾客们体验到了不一样的“拳击体验” 。今年,延续经典,我们将重返我们的正装晚宴。

We cannot believe how quickly it has gone, but Brawl on the Bund is now in its 10th year. Looking back over the past ten years, they have been filled with excitement, glamour and world-class white collar boxing. To honor the legacy, we are going back to our classic black tie event.


With over 600 guests attending, this will be one of the biggest parties you go to all year.

Tickets for Brawl are on sale now!


Tickets are first come first serve. Reserve your tables now to get the best seats in the house.

金桌:15,000元人民币每桌  G
Gold table
15,000RMB per table

拳边桌:20,000元人民币每桌 Ringside table20,000RMB per table


All tickets include a 4 course western dinner accompanied by free cocktails, wine and beer. Ringside tables include 4 bottles of champagne.

如需订位,请洽询:Joycy 134-8278-2933或邮件至 joycy@chinasportspromotion.com

To reserve tables please contact: Joycy at 134-8278-2933 or email at: joycy@chinasportspromotion.com


Are You The Next Brawler?


Sign up for THE BEST boxing training camp in Asia. We have changed the way white collar Boxing is managed globally. It’s about the journey through training, it’s about being pushed past your limits, it’s about camaraderie in your training camp. Compete for your place at Brawl on the Bund, the number one white collar boxing event in the world.

Click here to sign up now! 点击报名!


白领拳击源于美国发展时间最长规模最大的传奇拳馆,坐落于纽约的 Gleason’s Gym。80年代后期,拳馆老板 Bruce Silverglade 开始组织非职业拳赛,大多数参与者是毫无拳击基础的白领工作者,经过数月系统的拳击训练,方可踏上拳击赛的擂台。



White collar boxing

White collar boxing originated in the legendary Gleason’s gym in New York, the oldest and largest active boxing gym in the USA.
Current owner Bruce Silverglade began organising informal fights between white collar workers in the late 1980s, with most of the men and women participating having no previous boxing experience prior to their training program.

After a couple of fight nights, white collar boxing started popping up all over the world, and landed in Shanghai back in 2007.
A group of friends and boxing enthusiasts started organising small training sessions, and quickly noticed its popularity picking up.
Ever since, it is known as the fastest growing corporate contact sport in the world, with more than 30 events organised by CSP in China to date.

The events are fuelled by our participants’ friends, colleagues and family, and with participants fighting in the name of charity,
tables sell out in no time. Make sure to keep an eye on the upcoming fight nights in cities close to you to stay up to speed on
training dates and ticket information!

Training Program



What To Expect

All participants go through a rigorous 12-week training camp, carefully designed by former professional boxers and trainers.
The program consists of three 1,5 hour classes per week headed by two experienced coaches, and is divided into three phases:

PHASE 1 (week 1 - 3)
The first three weeks of the program will focus on conditioning and basic boxing techniques. These weeks are crucial to the rest of your training program, and we strongly advise all participants to attend every session.
PHASE 2 (week 4 - 5)
一旦拳手的综合体能提升且掌握了初步的拳法,我们的教练将带领拳手进入下一阶段的拳法技巧训练。这两周主要是搭档默契,打靶和轻度的对打练习。 以此锻炼拳手们在擂台中的步伐移动,眼神专注对手拳法变换,从而为最高阶段做准备。
Once you’ve gotten the basics down, our coaches will guide you into pair work and light contact drills. This step is all about getting comfortable with the combinations taught and understanding the movements in an actual ring, getting you ready for the final stage of your training.
PHASE 3 (week 6 -12)
At the start of this phase, all participants will be split into two teams, each with their own pair of coaches. The final six weeks of training camp will be spent focusing on sparring and conditioning. If chosen to fight, you will get to know who your opponent is and work on your strategy for the fight night itself.



  • 绑手带
  • 16oz 拳击手套(所有参训拳手必备)
  • 头盔
  • 护齿
  • 健身鞋(建议拳击鞋)
  • 速干健身衣

以上装备也可以在训练拳馆金手套拳馆购买。如果参训拳手有任何关于训练或装备问题,请联系 Can can@chinasportspromotions.com 也可以向教练们咨询。他们会专业的帮助指导拳击训练和期间的问题。

What you need

The safety and health of all ur our white collar boxers during training and on fight night is key. Therefore, everyone in our program is required to be equipped with the following gear:

  • Hand wraps
  • 16oz boxing gloves (no lower oz allowed)
  • Head guard
  • Mouth guard
  • Boxing shoes (or clean gym shoes)
  • Sports clothing

Should you have questions about any of the equipment above, please feel free to talk to can@chinasportspromotions.com or one of the coaches at the gym. They will be more than happy to guide you into buying the right gear.

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比赛规则 Rules and regulations


  • 选手必须参加至少12周的训练营(有始有终)—— 放有机会进入参赛名单。
  • 比赛拳手年龄介于20岁-50岁间。
  • 拳手体重级别从51公斤级到91公斤级,上下浮动不超过2.5公斤。
  • 每场比赛三回合,每回合两分钟,回合间休息一分钟。
  • 拳手必须统佩戴16oz 拳击手套,头盔和护齿。
  • 得分是十分制,每回合间收集三个裁判的评分。
  • 如果一回合中被三次数八,台裁将会以技术性取胜结束比赛。
  • 对任一场比赛,台裁可以根据自己对拳手健康评估从而叫停比赛。

Rules and regulations

Before signing up for the program, please read below rules and regulations carefully and contact our team can@chinasportspromotions.com if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Participants need to train for a minimum of 12 weeks (full length of the program) – a roster will be taken.
  • Boxers aged 20 – 50 years old may compete.
  • Weight categories are from 51kg to 91kg+, with a 2.5kg tolerance.
  • Bouts will consist of 3 2-minute rounds, with 1 minute rest intervals.
  • Boxers will wear 16oz gloves, head gear and mouth guards.
  • Scoring is based on a 10-points system, awarded per round by each of the three judges.
  • 3 standing 8-counts in a round will result in the referee stopping the fight.
  • The referee can stop the bout at any stage if in their opinion the safety of either boxer is compromised.

我们团队 Our team



Do you have what it takes?

Step in to the spotlight. Challenge yourself. Become a part of the fraternity of incredible men and women who have stepped up to the challenge before you and inspire others to do the same. It won’t be easy, but we promise you it will be worth it. Do something your future self will thank you for.

Check here if you accept these terms.


Challenge yourself to take part in the most successful boxing training course in Asia! We have taught boxing to over 15,000 men and women and we have safely organized over 300 white collar and professional fights over the last 10 years.

快速报名:Signing up is simple!

  1.  填写下方个人信息单 Enter your information in the fields
  2. 为亲友团预留桌位 Book a table at the event for your friends
  3. 开始训练!Start training !


One of our rockstar event organizers will get in touch with you once you register.

(1) Ringside – 25,000RMB (Early Bird), 30,000RMB (Standard); Gold – 20,000RMB (Early Bird), 25,000RMB (Standard)

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The ultimate challenge!


Sign up for the original 12 week White Collar Boxing course. Limited spaces available.




After eight years of boxing, Billy won the championship of Guangdong province. After his retirement as an athlete, he graduated as professional sports trainer and taught in the boxing team of the city sports school. Many of his pupils went on to become champions. Billy has a rich experience in basic training and tactical training.

Chris Xiong



For Chris, boxing has played an important role in his life as he was raised by a middleweight champion of China. His father, Xiong Wei, brought him up boxing. Chris came into his own in his 20’s when he became Shanghai’s Boxing Champion for 4 years in a row. He was trained by the Chinese National Team and has been training boxers for over 10 years now. Chris has a direct and conventional approach to training, making sure even seasoned boxers re-learn and master the basics correctly.

Ricky Liang

China 中国

Ricky 带队香港警督拳击协会在世界警督拳击大赛斩获冠军。他志在帮助学生锻炼坚韧意志,达到健美目标和提升拳击技巧!来参加 Ricky 的训练,高强度拳击课让你动不停。

Ricky led the Hong Kong police boxing council to win a gold medal at the world police boxing championships. He aims to help develop students strong will, fitness goals and boxing ability! Train with Ricky to receive nonstop, high intensity training!

Badrul Islam

UK 英国

Baj 从2013年在金手套拳击馆任教至今,历经六届外滩争锋和拳馆之夜。搬来上海之前,Baj 在英国接受拳击训练,并得到英国拳击协会任教资格,他也从师中国,泰国和菲律宾多个拳击大师。最近他完成在古巴麦加近一个月训练生活,在那里学习麦加独特的拳击训练模式和授课方法。Baj 是位严师,结合高能体质训练和严格的拳击技巧模练。

Baj has been a coach at Golden Gloves since 2013 encompassing six Brawl on the Bund and Shanghai Fight Night events. He gained his coaching accreditation in the UK and subsequently put it into practice there, before coaching in Shanghai. He has learned from some great trainers in Shanghai, Thailand and the Philippines. Most recently he was in the boxing mecca of Cuba where he was embedded in a gym for over a month learning their unique approach to the sport. Baj approaches boxing through rigorous physical conditioning combined with a strict technical grounding.

Raymond Wen


Raymond 在综合武术和健身方面拥有深厚的底子。他1993-1996年受训空手道,是空手道黑带高手,1997-2000年服役于特种兵系。2001-2005,Raymond 建立自己的健身事业,并与2004年获得健身先生第四名。他2005年开始拳击,参加了很多高水平非职业拳击赛,2011年起任外滩争锋训练营教练至今。

Raymond stems from a rich background of general training in martial arts and health fitness. He holds a black belt in karate, trained from 1993-1996 and has served in the army from 1997-2000, in special troops. Raymond then continued his career as a fitness coach from 2001-2005, and was awarded 4th Place as Mr. Fitness in 2004. He started boxing in 2005, has taken part in many amateur fights and now assists in coaching Brawl on the Bund boxers since 2011.